TotalEnergies Traxium Gear 8 75W-80


Traxium Gear 8 75W-80 is an oil specially designed for the lubrication of manual gearboxes of passenger cars.

This oil is specially recommended for PSA manual gearboxes, with extended drain interval (250,000 km) and friction modifier additive adapted to PSA manual gearboxes.


    • Reduced cost of maintenance: specially formulated to reach the drain intervals recommended by the manufacturer
    • Improved protection of manual gearbox against wear and corrosion due to extreme-pressure properties of oil
    • Improved driver start up experience: low temperature fluidity due to a high viscosity index, generating benefits during cold starts and limiting drag losses and fuel consumption
    • Improved stability in operation due to high viscosity index
    • High compatibility with oil filters due to anti-foam properties




Peugeot Citroen: PSA B71 2330