TotalEnergies NEVASTANE AW 22, 32, 46, 68


Hydraulic oils, suitable for incidental food contact.

NEVASTANE AW oils can be used where accidental contact between oil and food is possible. This reduces the problems of contamination as required by HACCP systems.

– Very good protection against wear and corrosion.

– Good miscibility with all mineral fluids.


NEVASTANE AW oils are recommended for any high pressure hydraulic system and/or air-line lubricators in the food processing industries.
– NEVASTANE AW formulation is based on white mineral oil and high performance additives provides excellent protection of the equipment even at high temperatures.



The formulation of NEVASTANE AW oils complies with the FDA chapter 21 CFR, 178.3570.
– NEVASTANE AW oils are NSF H1 registered:
NEVASTANE AW 22: No 146880 NEVASTANE AW 32: No 146881
NEVASTANE AW 46: No 146882 NEVASTANE AW 68: No 146883
– NEVASTANE AW oils are Kosher, Halal and ISO 21469 certified.
– International specification: ISO 6743-4 HM