TotalEnergies TRANSYN LS 75W-90


• TRANSYN 75W-90 provides excellent wear protection over a wide range
of load and operating temperatures.
• TRANSYN 75W-90 multi-grade, all season lubricant offers quick warm-
up at low temperatures and great wear protection under high
load conditions. Adequate for use in differentials equipped with Limited Slip
clutch packs.

• EXTENDED DRAIN: Some manufacturers recommended extending drain
intervals of synthetics to 2 to 5 times the drain interval of conventional gear
• REDUCED MAINTENANCE COSTS: Reducing the number of drain
intervals may result in lower overall maintenance costs. Although priced
higher than conventional lubricants, longer drain period result in lower labor
costs and less downtime.
• BETTER OPERATING EFFICIENCY: The all-weather and extreme-
pressure properties of this lubricant allow improved operating efficiencies
for equipment. Low temperature fluidity means faster start-up and less
strain on batters and starters. High temperature properties reduce friction
offering better fuel economy. Optimized formula for smooth and reliable
engagement of limited slip differential clutchpacks
* Consult OEM manuals for recommended drain intervals and requirements
of extended warranty programs.


  • API GL-5 & MT-1
  • General Electric D-50E9C
  • J2360 (MIL-L-2105E)
  • Harnishfeger (P&H) 474
  • ZF ML-07A, 08
  • Mack GO-J Plus
  • DAF

Meritor Automotive Inc O-76-E 500 000 miles extended drain, severe service capable