Based on saturated synthetic esters BIOHYDRAN SE is designed for demanding hydraulic systems requiring hydraulic fluids with a high thermal stability and good lubricating properties.
The excellent biodegradability and low eco toxicity make BIOHYDRAN SE particularly suitable when incidental spillages in
environmentally sensitive areas can occur: forestry works, public works, water navigation, off-shore, water catchments areas, ski resorts, etc..
BIOHYDRAN SE has a natural high and stable viscosity index. No viscosity loss due to shear is observed. This stable viscosity level
ensures an optimum hydraulic efficiency during all the fluid life.
The good lubricating properties and corrosion protection will extend the component life of hydraulic systems.
The excellent oxidation stability of BIOHYDRAN SE offers extended drain intervals compared to classical mineral hydraulic fluids.
The very low foaming tendency and fast air release limit air contamination in the circuit.
BIOHYDRAN SE is miscible with classical HM and HV mineral hydraulic fluids.
BIOHYDRAN SE contains more than 80 % of renouvelable carbons.


-ISO 15380: HEES
-DIN 51524 (pour huiles minérales): sauf DIN 51587 et ISO 13357.
-DENISON: homologation HF1, HF2 et HF6
Numéro d’enregistrement: FR/27/002 AFNOR CERTIFICATION
Contribue à réduire la pollution de l’eau et la consommation des ressources.
Réduit les émissions de CO2. Pour plus d’informations:
Certification selon la spécification SS 15 54 3
Meet the requirements of the Swedish Standard SS 15 54 34.
Meet the requirements of the specification CAT BF-2.